Whether a company produces an aircraft or just the steel utilised on an aircraft, all companies have equipment requirements—both on a system and component level. With these equipment needs come costs. Rothers Group, through Rothers Technology, helps reduce those costs by identifying, evaluating, and brokering with the lowest cost providers on a global scale.


Technology Brokering

Rothers Technology helps to develop industrial partnerships at the international level creating links between research and industry, as well as business to business. We have gained considerable experience in the field as contractor for a variety of international firms, networks, and organisations, representing them on both buys and sales of equipment and technology. In addition to servicing large firms and institutions, we actively provide our brokerage services to SMEs worldwide.

To find out how Rothers Technology can help you buy or sell equipment at an international level, email us at equipment@rothersgroup.com.

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Technology Scouting and Sourcing

Rothers Technology supports companies with international vendor search services based on the parameters established by the client or project. Once the capable vendor list is narrowed for any given project, Rothers Technology can conduct further vetting of the vendor beyond just the original search parameters. We maintain expertise in international due diligence and recommend it as a suggested precautionary step in any sizable project.

Further, we support companies in searching for information on recent available innovations and technologies to address specific technological needs, offer comparative analysis to evaluate the potential of an innovative idea or to acquire awareness of similar technologies already applied and exploited in other countries and/or companies. We run audits to identify technological innovation needs and offer technology assistance to companies to reveal the most advanced technologies.

To find out how Rothers Technology can help you find and vet tech / equipment sources, email us at equipment@rothersgroup.com.

Technology Procurement

If finding the right equipment at the right price can cause headaches, then dealing with the various international export regulations and controls is excruciatingly painful. The layers of legal and regulatory issues involved with international tech procurement requires a trained professional to decipher the jargon and keep the law on your side through the process. Let Rothers Technology do the dirty work.

To find out how Rothers Technology can help you buy or sell equipment at an international level, email us at equipment@rothersgroup.com.

Technology Transfer

Getting new technology to market is no easy task. It can easily become an extended and excruciating process where experience can make all the difference. Rothers Technology has the experience needed to streamline your tech transfer efficiently. Rothers Group offers unique services in the area of Tech Transfer by combining working groups from Rothers Technology and Rothers Strategy into one dedicated team to make it happen. As your colleague in commercialisation, we will build value in your IP and momentum to market through our connections within industries worldwide.

We can objectively and independently review your technology to assess its commercial potential, craft a commercialisation strategy, create routes into the market, build strategic industry partnerships, and broker licensing deals.

To find out how Rothers Technology can help you commercialise your technology, email us at techtransfer@rothersgroup.com.