For aerospace technology companies, innovation is vital. Change is constant and rapid. Rothers Group believes that increasing a company’s efficiency and competitive advantage relies on its capacity of constant change through adaption and innovation. Rothers Group, through Rothers Strategy, encourages the exchange and collaboration between companies and research community and translates these into new business opportunities.


R&D Advisement and Technology Assessments

If a company is considering internal R&D or other technology developments, Rothers Strategy can mitigate risk and maximise profit through our extensive technology assessments that provide the data needed to make an informed decision. Rothers Strategy provides comprehensive technology assessments that include:

  • Competitive Assessment
  • Development and Methodology Assessment
  • Intellectual Property Assessment
  • Trend Analysis and Market Fit
  • Research Review

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Competition Analysis

The most important (and immediate) need of any company is information—the right information. With the right information, sound business decisions can be made to move a company forward. Bottom line: Better information equals better decisions.

Rothers Strategy can assist you with organising and analysing wide-ranging financial, operational, competitor, and marketplace information into usable data points to guide and direct your strategy. Rothers Strategy can conduct strategic due diligence on business competitors in order to provide clients with the information they need to make informed decisions.

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Commercial Exploitation

Through effective marketing strategies, business development services, studies and research, Rothers Strategy can accelerate market take-up and commercial exploitation of new technologies and business models. We enable you to define the best market opportunities reducing your technology and financial risks.

See also Rothers Technology’s TechTransfer Services.

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New Market Entry Consulting

Harnessing our international presence and stable of industry- and region-specific substantive experts, Rothers Strategy helps clients understand complex market dynamics, compete and effectively dominate new opportunities, and expand into new geographies and demographics.

Rothers Strategy’s market entry services include:

  • Market Selection / Market Surveys
  • Entry and Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Financial Modeling
  • Market Profiling / Fit Analysis

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Innovation Strategic Advisement

Rothers Strategy has gained a significant amount of experience in the development of corporate innovation strategies, proposing original and innovative approaches to:

  • Design strategies and innovation policies backing regional economy;
  • Analyse and produce studies on innovation systems in order to draw up best practices and study their transfer potential;
  • Carry out activities of technical coordination and methodology development for the analysis and transfer of know-how and best practices;
  • Produce documentation and handbooks providing guidelines for best practices;
  • Create benchmarking models and suggest strategic operational and structural procedures to improve efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Assess the sustainability of technologies (i.e. their impact on the company and on society) and cover the development of sustainability parameters, models for technology impact evaluation on the social, economic and environmental fabric inside and outside a company taking into consideration that, more and more, competitive companies must take into consideration the interdependence between the development of innovative technologies and its new social responsibility.

Rothers Group also provides Innovation Funding Services through The Menlo Programme.

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