All great ideas start somewhere. Rothers Capital, finds uniquely driven individuals or teams working on fundamental advances in technology that solve deep customers’ needs in the aerospace or aerospace-related industries. Rothers Capital will also proactively seed break-through innovations or nascent ideas believed to have strong teams, business models, and market potential.


R&D Project Financing

Rothers Capital assists companies to effectively enhance their R&D project financing by pooling resources from private and public financial bodies. We define public and private financial engineering schemes through operations such as project financing or venture capital that guarantee an adequate financial cover to the projection and implementation of your innovation.

Constantly monitoring international calls for proposals related to R&D activities, we identify the innovation projects that can benefit from measures of financing at national, regional, local and European levels. Once identified, we support you in accessing the most suitable financial sources for your R&D projects by monitoring the progress of the call for tenders and by ensuring the financial, technological and organisational management of the project.

In the R&D financing field, we have acquired an extensive expertise with the management of internationally funded innovation projects. We are therefore able to offer an experienced technical and customised support to our clients aimed at funding their Research and Development projects within international funding programmes and/or mechanisms.

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New Venture Funding

Rothers Capital assists innovative startups with the launch of their new venture. Our support goes beyond the financial support and extends to a wide range of services for the incubated companies. These services can include: implementation of business plans, validation of business plans to investors, consultancy services for investment funds (venture capital companies, financial) consisting mainly in scouting and launching activities of startups, support for newly formed companies in their financing research, business development services (in collaboration with other companies of the Rothers Group) to promote the access of the startups products national and international markets, training in management, management assistance during the initial phases of the startup launch, especially in the formulation and implementation of commercial strategies.

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Investment Funding

Rothers Capital has memberships worldwide with large networks of business angels and seed capital companies. Through our networks, potential clients can gain access to early stage investment and connections to national and international investment networks.

Our process for consideration includes an online application, an initial review by our investment committee, Q&A follow-up if needed, due diligence, investment, and post-investment relationship. Our Investment Committee meets monthly and the typical timeline from application to investment is, on average, six months.

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Innovation Funding

See our Menlo Programme for information regarding Rothers Group’s innovation funding services.