A European aerospace and defence leader had developed a strong presence in Europe’s market for aerial vehicle electronics, missile components, and space launch vehicle systems. In contemplating further global growth, this organisation recognised the increasing reality of globalisation, brought about through the growth of a capable but low cost supply base in Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America. The client wanted an explanation of the merits and challenges of utilising these potential low‐cost sources and desired an analysis of how it would help or hinder their global expansion plans. Consequently, they contacted Rothers Strategy.


Rothers Strategy identified and assessed the globalisation experiences of 12 similar aerospace and non-­aerospace companies in three of the client’s target countries. Through research, interviews, and input from global experts in the industries and companies involved, Rothers Strategy was able to draw insightful conclusions in areas such as investment, technology and intellectual property rights, politics and partnering, organisation and human resources, and country-specific key success factors. Rothers Strategy created benchmarks of best practice and key success factors, and drew conclusions and tailored recommendations to support strategic decisions for the client.


As a result of Rothers Strategy’s conclusions being presented to the client’s decision-­makers, the company was able to refine their globalisation strategy for country selection, and make intelligent decisions regarding partnering, supply chain, and entry process—all easing the entry process.

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